foto: Sami Rahim
foto: Sami Rahim

It all started with tiredness, due to which I wanted my blood to be tested. I realised I have high cholesterol, although I haven’t reached my 40s yet and my weight doesn’t even match one bag of cement. It is true that my life as a working mum of three isn’t one big holiday and that I don’t eat properly during the week, but such results came as a shock to me. I decided there and then that I will watch what I eat, will not make a fuss when the my third child enters our apartment with sand pouring out of him, but I also wanted to add food supplements into my life. Natural supplements I could completely trust and would help my body to stay in balance while I run all over town. Nevertheless, I haven’t moved to a farm, far away from all the stress that urban living causes.

To better understand why exactly Vigeovit, I asked my friend Tanjo Jankulija, MSc of pharmacy, to give her opinion:

The essential advantage of Vigeovit products are that they are »made in Austria«. In the market od dietary supplements and cosmetic products there are numerous products that are produced in one country, repacked in another and then sold in some third country.

Food supplements, unlike drugs, don’t have strictly defined quality, safety and effectiveness control.

Vigeovit products, produced in Austria, include the highest standards of quality and we can trust them. I find one product especially interesting, an antiviral product, called herpes simplex, which has a complex structure and it targets to prevent further development of the virus. For now we don’t have food supplements with similar composition that would include antiviral nourishing lip balm in Slovene pharmacies.

I made one step forward and got an independent opinion from a friend of mine, Maja Pirnat, MD, radiology specialist, currently preparing her doctorate in the field of cardiology.

In life we often find a lot of things that help us, things that decrease our stress levels, help our bodies to stay in shape and healthy. But if we decide to take food supplements, it is of great importance to take those that are certified, of natural origin and high quality. Vigeovit combines all of the mentioned, but isn’t yet available in our market.

This is how I was positive I am not putting into my body anything what could do harm to it. After three months of regularly taking Immun Aktiv tablets I went to the laboratory again. Cholesterol lowered, in the evenings I didn’t collapse into my bed any more. I have a bit more strength again to spend time with my husband, after I put my children to bed. The quality of my hair and nails has got better, my immunity has increased.

I have had the opportunity to meet the woman who stands behind these products. Because she is herself a mother of two and a pharmacist, she wanted a »green« product that would benefit many and for this reason we can give her an acknowledgement that she certainly achieved it. This is why you can find in her laboratory just a few products, but these are the products that are of such quality and effectiveness that don’t even have a rivalry yet.
vigeovit5If you want the vitamin – health kit, yous check the internet page and write wich product would represent an exellent supplement for your life style.
Till Wensday morning!
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