foto: Doris Markač

You wore different coloured socks today in support of the Down Syndrome Day. However, we would also like to ask you for the following:

Do not stare at our children.
Do not stare at us – parents.
Do not stare at their brothers and sisters.
Raise your children, so that they will not do, what you are doing.
Do not underestimate them based on their appearance. They are not deaf nor mute.
We do not want to hear how warm-hearted they are, because your actions towards them say a different story.
A mongoloid is a derogatory term. Please do not use it.
Our children are much more than a diagnosis written on a piece of paper.
They are not babies or toddlers, despite them being somewhat smaller.
Do not treat them as if they are physically or severely mentally disabled persons.
Inclusion is perfect only theoretically. Work for it to be practised as well.
Gynaecologists and obstetricians – get over it already. Do not wag your heads, when a child is born.
Paediatricians – be more optimistic and believe in our children.
If you do not understand our child, because he or she has speech problems, ask him/her to repeat what was said. It will gladly respond.
Their reactions should not surprise you. They are the most honest and direct beings on the planet. They are a role model to us all.
Do not destroy their dreams. However, you can hold their hands and guide them on their extraordinary way.
Sports and dancing are not meant only for professionals. Our children like group games as well.
Help them if you see them having troubles, e.g. when tying their laces. They usually have problems with fine motor skills.
Do not tell their parents how unlucky they are, but rather help them out.
Like us, they to deserve independence. Even if this means that we have to help them along the way.
Wherever you meet them, give them a chance. They deserve it – just like any of us.

THANK YOU on their behalf.

foto: Doris Markač

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